MINI FPV DRONE 150MM small world with big surprise
From: DLFPV Time: 2017-05-16 14:57:09 Hits:

super mini & ultra light 

1. All-in-on Flight Control System has integrated the CC3D Flight Control, the mini20A ESCs, the 600mw FPV Transmitter together to reduce the total weight of the drone, which make you a perfect racing flight experience.

2. Specifically chosen to run 2205~2300KV motors with 6 inch propellers, to reach exciting new speeds.

3. Due to the use of extremely lightweight pure carbon fiber material and the all-in-one flight control system, allows for the flight weight to be as light as 340~360g (not including battery). This means you will be able to accelerate quick off the mark, remarkably responsive and stable flight.

4. "All ready to Fly". Everything (parts & accessories) has been assembled already. Just plug the battery (included) and unlock the radio (included).