• DLFPV® 5 in 1 PDB BEC-5V/3A LED Lighting Control Tracker Low Voltage Alarm LED & POWER for Mini FPV quad Racing Drone
    It is a V2 5in1 HUB with PDB (Power Distribution Board), BEC 3A 5V or 12V(could not use both),LED Light Controller, Lost Plane Finder & Low Voltage Alarm functions.
    It is specially made for the Multi-Rotors, mini FPV Quad. Built-in 5V BEC can be connected to receiver or flight controller with Aux pins directly.
    Simplify wiring. If the battery is 4~6 cells LiPo, the BEC can be set to 12V output, to power the Gimbals, Video Transmitters, etc.
    Inbuilt LED light controller, three flash modes can be chosen with the toggle switch of transmitter.
    And the buzzer can also be triggered with the toggle switch, which can help you find the models in tall grass or trees.

  • RGB 12V 7 Color Changing Mini LED Strip Light for Racer Helicopter
    It was made of four RGB5050 lamp beads,
    3P mini-board DIP switches, toggle through the appropriate combination of switches, seven colors can be switched.
    LED light brightness suitable not dazzling -Low power and very suitable for racer helicopter. 
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